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Once upon a time, students graduated from high school and moved immediately on to college. Today's students are more often an adult learner, a military veteran, a parent, and/or first-generation college students. They are likely to attend school part-time while working. Many live at or below the federal poverty line, take courses online, and use school as a means to reskill or change careers. Unfortunately, the critical retention-enforcing resources at most institutions weren’t designed for this college student. And that’s where Upswing comes in.

Bridging the resources gap

While the student success work we do is of vital importance, our mission is simple: give all students the access and resources they need to help them graduate. Persistence rates for students connected to the Upswing platform typically increase between 10% and 15%. Grades go up too. And institutions receive data that can’t be found anywhere else — data that shows you which students are at greatest risk of dropping out, allowing you to focus your limited resources to help them persist — and succeed.

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